Otto’s Rebounding Leading to Early Offense

Otto Porter has an innate ability to rebound the basketball. Back when he collected 35 rebounds in a state title game it could have easily been assumed that it was simply due to the competition level. While that certainly played a part, it’s becoming clear that Otto is going to rebound at a very high level against all opponents.

While someone with a nose for the ball is a much welcome weapon to JTIII’s team, he also has the ability to push the ball leading into early offense opportunities which could provide to be extremely valuable over the course of his career, particularly during conference play where the Georgetown offense can get slowed down at times.

First a sequence from the Louisville game:

Notice how Behanan crashes the boards but completely overruns the rebound, while Otto has himself set up in better position and as soon as hit the rim, he’s already on the move in the correct direction (can’t be drilled or taught, he just has that ability):

Otto has enough awareness to keep his dribble and keep Chris Smith sided towards him before giving it up to Jason. This gives Jason an extra step on Smith and a path to the rim. Jason does not finish the lay up, but this is the play where Hollis cleans up with a put-back dunk:

Onto the next play and here, Otto is rebounding out of the 2-3 zone. With Jabril’s help, Otto again has ideal position and is quickly able to grab the rebound before Kuric has a chance to:

Otto gets it and pushes the ball out. Again, he gives it up to Jason at the correct time. One more dribble and the pass to Jason is likely cut off, if he gives it up to Jason too early then Jason’s path to the rim is cut off too soon. Jason is not able to finish and the shot is blocked out of bounds. Much like the previous play, if that is Jabril or Greg filling the lane the next three years, the play likely gets finished:

Next up is a sequence against Providence that did not lead to a lay-up but by pushing the ball it created a good opportunity and did not allow Providence to get set.

Jabril, Greg and Nate all find their man and box out and Otto crashes to get the board:

Instead of giving up early to Markel who has defenders flanked on both sides, Otto pushes the ball up and out and finds Nate on the baseline:

Nate receiving the ball on the baseline and Otto cutting through creates a chain of events with Providence’s defense. With Batts trailing the play, Council and Henton are forced to run to Nate while Otto brings Coleman along with him on his cut, resulting in three Providence defenders in the paint to one Hoya. Cotton stays with Markel who is his man. This leaves Jabril with nobody within 10 feet of him on top of the perimeter:

Hopefully in another year or two with hard work and III doing what III does, that’s an automatic 3 points for Jabril. Instead, for now, it’s a miss. But with Otto being Otto he doesn’t watch from the corner he heads back to the glass and gets his hands on the ball and Providence knocks it out:

Lastly, a key spot in the KU game. Otto grabs a KU missed layup:

Otto pushes the ball and keeps his dribble long enough to keep Elijiah Johnson on his right hip creating a wide open look for Jason who cuts the lead to 3:

As I felt with Greg’s ability to defend on the perimeter, I think Otto’s ability to defensive rebound and push the ball by himself or on an outlet to his guards can prove to be a tool for III to utilize that he has not had previously.


4 thoughts on “Otto’s Rebounding Leading to Early Offense

  1. Anonymous says:

    Love these articles. Just one request – can you draw circles on something on the screenshots to show what you are highlighting in the comment?

  2. alleninxis says:

    thanks, I will do that.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Awesome. Love this stuff, alleninixs!

    -SFHoya/Alan from Hoya Pro

  4. Tim Madrid says:

    These are great. Thank you for posting.

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