Austin Freeman’s Defense

In pictures..

Austin contests a Preston Knowles jump shot.

It’s a miss and Louisville is able to get the offensive rebound. (Defensive rebounding is a different subject)

Jason Clark went for the rebound and is able to recover to his man (Siva). Austin is…? I’m not sure, but at this point he has lost his man.

Siva drives, and Austin makes a (lazy) swipe at the ball. At this point, Austin has left his man and forces freshman, Nate Lubick, to pick between staying home on his man (Kyle Kuric) or taking away Siva’s passing lane to Knowles. Either way, these are the two best outside shooters on Louisville and only one defender is left for Georgetown on the weak-side.

Nate chooses to go out on Knowles leaving Kuric in the corner. Siva recognizes it and makes the pass to Kuric who promptly squares up and drains it.

Of course, on the next trip down court Austin Freeman makes a jump shot. Thus the gift and the curse of his game.


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