Roburt Sallie not returning to Memphis

As rumored and reported in recent weeks, Roburt Sallie will not be returning to Memphis according to an official release.

Sallie was a major part of Memphis this past season, logging 30 minutes a game and posting 10 points a game. But with the incoming trio of guards, perhaps it will not be a big loss, but it most certainly hurts the Tigers depth wise.

This will likely be the lineup:


A solid starting 5, even if undersized up front. But now with; Williams, Kemp, Mack, Sallie, and Henderson-Niles gone, the other incoming freshmen will be relied on heavily.

Tarik Black, Chris Crawford, Hippolyte Tsafack and Antonio Barton will make up an integral part of the bench. As the only other two returning players who had much of a role were Angel Garica and DJ Stephens. Stephens likely can turn into a solid role player down the road and Garcia has had a long run to get back on the court and he in particular will need to make an impact if the Tigers are the Top 25 many project them to be.

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