Greedy Peterson dismissed

Big news broke yesterday out of Providence that will have a large impact on the Big East. To be junior and Big East Player of the Year candidate, Greedy Peterson was dismissed for a violation of team rules. The violation is a bit cloudy with Boston Amateur Athletic Club head, Leo Papile commenting on Greedy being involved on an incident that went on with recruits of BABC while on campus. Keno Davis and Providence have not issued an explanation of the violation or if that is correct or not.

This is a huge blow to Providence on the court. Not too often can you find 20 and 10 guys in the Big East and that is what Peterson was. His final game in the Big East tournament was a 38 and 16 performance against Seton Hall. Now, Providence fans will be quick to point up he may give that 20 right back to whoever he is guarding, but I am not sure how much blame can fall at Peterson’s feet when playing in Keno’s system and quite honestly, nobody defends well on that Providence roster.

Peterson was one of the best rebounders in the country and largely responsible for PU being number three in offensive rebounding efficiency in the country. He also drew enough attention that freshman Bilal Dixon did quite well on the boards, which now we will see how much that impacts his game.

Providence will return starters; Marshon Brooks, Vincent Council and Bilal Dixon and add two top 100 guys in Gerald Coleman and Jospeh Young, unfortunately neither is a big man.

This loss likely knocks a team that could have finished in the 10-12 range in the Big East to the bottom range of 13-14.


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