Thursday Roundup

A lot going on the past few days

Chris Allen

First, there are rumors that Chris Allen of Michigan State be on the way out the door as a transfer. Tomo Izzo has said,

“There is still one other player that’s up in the air and I have to make some tough decisions — and I will — and he’s got to make some tough decisions,” Izzo said. “So there might be one more coming or going. But to honest with you, that’s just the way it is right now. We should be able to make that decision in the next couple of days because we’ll do it before he leaves.

“What I’m trying to do is make sure that the program, that everybody in the program, is trying to get done what I think needs to get done. And sometimes, not everybody fits that profile. That’s not necessarily bad on them, it might be bad on me. It’s not necessarily bad on me, it might be bad on them. Or it might be it’s just not the right fit.”

Tom Herzog also transferred from MSU. The Allen loss would be substantial, as a valuable perimeter defender and three point threat would be gone.

Samardo Samuels

This is a significant loss in the Big East and one that is dumbfounding to me. I would be absolutely shocked if Samuels was drafted. Louisville was a team that could have challenged for at worst, Top 5 in the Big East. Now they fall back into the middle of the pack. And the front court is weakened. Terrence Jennings has been underwhelming, Swopshire is a face up hybrid forward and Rakeem Buckles is solid, but not much more. New recruit Gorgui Dieng, is an intriguing prospect but tough to say where he is in development

Jeff Robinson and Jeremy Hazell.

A nice start for Kevin Willard at Seton Hall with the return of Robinson and Hazzel. Robinson, is a strong, athletic player who made great strides the past year. Hazzel needs to be reigned in still. These two paired with Jordan Theodore and Keon Lawrence makes up a nice perimeter group of players.

The Wear Twins

They have opted to transfer out from UNC, leaving the Heels with only John Henson and Tyler Zeller on the front line. Now rumors surround Kadeem Jack, who it appeared would head to the prep route but now with UNC calling he could still remain part of the 2010 class.

Chicago Area Recruiting Updates:

Anthony Davis

The rise of Anthony Davis is a recruiting explosion like none that I have ever seen before. Until a month ago, Davis had not played on the travel team circuit since his days with Sonny Parker’s Chicago Select team in the 8th grade. That team also included Class of 2011 star Wayne Blackshear. I can remember Davis in the 8th grade competing in the Middle School SuperStar Showcase. Back then, he was 6’0″ with very long arms and excellent skills. He had been “hidden” at a terrific academic school in Chicago Perspectives for the past three years until he joined Mean Streets this spring, and has now exploded nationally! Davis played in one game at the Nike Boo Williams Invitational to open the spring, and had the gym buzzing, but got injured, and was out for the balance of the event. He then exploded at the Nike Spring Showdown In Indiana, which got the party started. Now, he has risen to national prominence after once again leaving the gym buzzing at the Spiece Run N’ Slam this past weekend. It may be time to put Chicago Perspectives on the basketball map, as it is the same school that produced 6’5″ Al Rapier of Mineral Area College who is set to play Division I basketball next year for Stony Brook.

Look for the Scholarship Offer Party to continue this week for 6’10” Class of 2010 Chicago Perspectives star Anthony Davis. Syracuse got the high-major offer party started last week. Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin “officially” came on board over the weekend. Arizona, Ohio State, Kentucky and Memphis have all pretty much offered, and will all likely “officially” be added to the scholarship offer list in very short order. Look for Georgetown to strongly jump into the mix as early as today.

Sam Thompson an athletic prospect also out of Chicago has formed a Top seven:
Oregon State, Ohio State, Florida, Kansas, Illinois, Georgetown and Marquette.

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