On the recruiting front it is looking like Tobias Harris to Tennessee and as a result Jayvaughn Pinkston is holding off on his decision for now.

Nothing new surrounding Roscoe Smith.

As far what occurred on the court yesterday..

– Gota give credit to Josh Pastner and his team..while I believe KU brought their ‘D Game’..Memphis had been able to ugly things up under Cal when need be and that occurred last night. Not too sure about the last possession. Williams is still not a good shooter and Sherron Collins would have been the man he met at the rim.

– Siena witnessed something very good yesterday despite a sloppy start…Eddie Ubiles taking control. Being passive and hesitant at times has always been a concern, it is now his team if he wants it and he took a step toward doing so yesterday.

– Georgetown and Temple…I am fully supportive of what JT3 does on both ends of the court, and people will overreact to this one performance based on last year. It was not impressive but we’ve seen some damn good Hoya teams put out dog games like that before. The key thing is they won, that team last year would have folded when down 6 in the 2nd half. Temple is solid, and Lavoy Allen is in for a great year. BOTH teams need to make shots. Not too be forgotten is the history between III and Fran Dunphy from the Ivy League. It shouldn’t have been that bad offensively but not a surprise at the low score.

– Bruiser Flint has some tough minded kids and almost pulled off the 8am start with a win. Niagara was without Tyrone Lewis, a big part of what they do. The MAAC right now, looks it will be quality enough to possible get 2 bids this year.

– Michigan Sate did not look great, but when they get rolling and click in…they should be a lot of fun to watch. Durrell Summers has more talent than he knows what to do with. Kalin Lucas still is the best PG in the nation as far as I can see. We’ll wait on Wall. Zags looked plenty good for a team that lost so much. Really, should not be a surprise anymore with Mark Few at the head of the program.

– If Melquan Bolding can get healthy now for Duquesne, they will be a nice team in the A10..Iowa is god awful, but winning on the road in November is always a good step forward.

– Duke finally got the Nolan Smith they’ve been hoping for. He needs to step up this year and that was a fine start.

– Trent Johnson has led LSU to two pretty decent wins now considering the losses of Thornton and Johnson. Western Kentucky is solid, and they handled them pretty well last night.

– You can wake me up about Clemson and Tennessee when they play someone..

For tonight..

Rather slow…but..Cornell @ Umass, Butler @ Northwestern, Nevada @ UNLV are some decent games to keep an eye on

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