First congratulations are in oder to Jelan Kendrick. Wonderful young man who will succeed at Memphis on and off the court. The feature on him from the summer can be found here

As far as the Memphis program, Joe Jackson, Will Barton and Jelan? Won’t even matter much if Pastner can coach.

As for the action yesterday..

– Is there a better player west of Kansas than Luke Babbitt? 26 last night on 11-17 shooting.

– Cornell beats Alabama, should not be classified as an upset. Ryan Whittman, Lou Dale and Jeff Foote can flat out play.

– Butler and Dayton looked underwhelming to start but eventually just were too much for Davidson and Creighton. Chris Wright of Dayton is a stud.

– Our friend Lavoy Allen pulls in 15 boards, 7 on the offensive side. Typical.

– Derrick Favors debut resulted in 10 points and 8 boards after facing early foul trouble.

– UNLV is deep and talented, Tre’Von Willis led the way last night.


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