– The answer to my Arkansas question was answered by one man, Rotnei Clarke. 51?! on 13-17 from deep. Incredible.

– Almost a Rough night for the Big East, while none dropped games, Pitt and Seton Hall escaped in games which they were out played. Pitt is just in a rebuilding year, you don’t lose what they lost and not be in one. Their talent level sans Brown and Dixon isn’t all that great, either. The Seton Hall experiment is off to a rough start, just not sure if they’ll ever mesh. And if Hazzell regulates himself to a spot up shooter, not good. Villanova and Uconn didn’t look great out of the gate. USF and G’Town went on the road for good wins.

– I have jinxed Miss. State or I’m always high on a team I likely shouldn’t be…Varnado, 22, 14 and 7 blocks in a loss? Wow.

– Great night for the MAAC, if Niagara and St. Pete’s don’t blow their games they sweep, still, a great night for the MAAC. Siena’s core looked good and Clarence Jackson filled Hasbrouck’s void with 24 points in 21 minutes. What a win for Rider behind Little Brother Thompson. 2 bid league down the road?

– Hasn’t taken long for Derek Kellogg to bring Travis Ford’s momentum to a halt, has it?

– Wright State is solid and UDub needed baby Zeke to carry them. On the surface it looks like a rough start, but against that opponent they should be content with the win.

– Eric Bledsoe is better than I thought. Will be interesting to see how he plays with Wall. Pat Patterson shooting 3’s is probably a trend that needs to stop.

– Talor Battle needs help. Can his little brother enroll early?

– Oregon State..ouch…Texas AM CC can play and defend, but c’mon..think they’ll be fine, though. Likely, they played over their heads last year and while this year they are improved they may not meet expectations.

– Good win for San Diego and nice to see Brandon Johnson return. Stanford isn’t working with much.

– Utah is in for a down year, but losing to Idaho is still surprising, especially with star guard Mac Hopson turning it over 6 times.

– Lacedarius Dunn, 32 points and 1 assist. At least he got 1.

– Great debut for Xavier Henry.

– Teams need to reel in the 3 point shooting. I’m looking at Villanova and Memphis in particular after last night. Those are teams that should be attacking.

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