Friday the 13th

13 Things to Watch

– Greg Monroe’s Nola return. Seeing how much stronger has got and using his right hand are things to watch for. Momma Monroe had some good home cooked food for the Hoyas.

– Kentucky’s Debut. No John Wall tonight but still the debut of Cal & Co will be something to watch. Who makes shots from the outside?

– Isiah Thomas and Abdul Gaddy back court. Gaddy pushes Baby Zeke off the ball, should be interesting to see how they work together.

– Philly Battle..Drexel and St. Joes, if this one gets out of the 50’s, I’ll be surprised.

– Craig Robinson carrying momentum. Texas A&M CC is not the easiest of starts on a neutral floor with 4 starters back. A continued jump for the Beavers and the big schools will start calling.

– Dukes Depth..No Nolan Smith, no young Plumlee. Andre Dawkins and Ryan Kelly should be handed playing time they likely aren’t ready for.

– Dave Rose and BYU..A big storyline to watch all year as Rose has faced cancer. The cougars will be playing for him all year long.

– The Larry Sanders show..Without Maynor and Anthony Grant, it is his team.

– Life without Mills and Simpson..Does St. Mary’s reload? Have they taken the momentum those two had brought to the program and enhanced the talent level?

– Kemba Walkers jumper..If he has one, there won’t be too many guards, or players better.

– Siena..Opening on the road, look for Ryan Rossiter’s physical development and how well Clarence Jackson steps into Hasbrouck’s void.

– Who plays for Arkansas…Really, who’s left?

– Blocking/Charge calls…we got a first real look across the board at the supposed change that will not allow people to be right under the basket and draw a charge. *cough* duke *cough*


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