Initial Thoughts

– Carolina decided to basically play down a position across the board at times, which, included seeing Marcus Ginyard at the 1. Who makes shots for this team? Who is the secondary ball handler? Look, the front court is as good as it gets, but that guard play has to perform and be given the opportunity to do so. I do not believe you can get too far playing 4 forwards at the same time. The good news is, Larry Drew looked better than we ever saw him last year.

– Turner/Buford/Lighty/Diebler…they will have to carry OSU this year, and I’m not betting against them to do so. I think when we see them match up with UNC they pack things in and force Carolina to hit shots. They will need to rebound over their heads, but I think they can do it. I give the advantage to OSU in that one.

– Syracuse, I can see why they dropped that game to LeMoyne, just sloppy play. Harris and Devo may have exited but their bonehead type of play seems entrenched in the program. If Albany had any type of idea of how to work the zone and be strong with the ball or any of their guards have a clue on rotating back on D, this could have been a game. The Cuse frontline is impressive and Johnson is an athlete, but is he a go to guy? Still don’t know. Triche is an impressive freshmen, body wise and his demeanor but he will be a freshmen point guard in the Big East, that never bodes too well.

– Cal will create the most cause for concern with just a glance of the team names and box score. However, that Murray State team was far and away the best opponent to the big guys last night and scrapped all game long. Cal started to break it open in the 2nd half up 18 and just could not close Murray State out. The lack of a big man was evident, Jamal Boykin was solid but if he’s all ya got..

– Mark Gottfried on that call was surprisingly insightful, it may have been due to his Murray State ties, but a nice job for Game #1. Jay Williams is brutal, just brutal. Tim Welsch is solid and knows the Big East through and through.

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