A Look at Day 1

UNC should win going away, same with OSU.

Albany and Murray State may possibly put up a fight in the other two match ups…

Murray State @ Cal – Murray State returns nearly everyone off of a 19 win team, including, Isacc Miles and Danero Thomas. Those two will need to match up well with Randle and Christopher. They have four contributors also who now will be sophomores after learning the ropes last year. Cal’s guards will be too much here, but Murray State likely can hang around with no true size and interior disadvantage.

Albany @ Syracuse – Albany has Ambrose and Harris to lead the way, but making shots against the 2-3 will be a struggle, and the best part of their game, rebounding is negated with Cuse’s frontline. However, another upstate team going into the Dome where those teams have fared well, from Saint Rose to LeMoyne to Siena.

For the two games that won’t competitive, at all..

The spotlight should be on Larry Drew and the Carolina back court as this play by play of their Vandy scrimmage is going around..

*as these private scrimmages are held in segments where coaches can intervene, I’m very skeptical, but reports are that Vandy won..

– Drew driving shot missed – VU 0 – UNC 0
– Taylor dunk VU 2 UNC 0
– Drew pass to Ginyard fouled going to hoop – Ginyard is the only one wearing a long sleeve shirt under his jersey
– Ginyard makes the first and misses the second VU 2 UNC 1
– Taylor shot rolls off rim, Deon rebound
– Deon to Drew to Deon to Davis for the quick score VU 2 UNC 3
– Tinsley misses a 3, Davis rebound
– Deon down low, turnaround J is good VU 2 UNC 5
– Vandy foul
– Drew misses on lob to Ed Davis
– Deon with the steal and eventually finished inside VU 2 UNC 7
– Vandy foul blocking
*Vandy starts to full court press
– Drew gets it to Ginyard who drives and Deon cleans up VU 2 UNC 9
– Jenkins scores on some nice Vandy passing VU 4 UNC 9
– Vandy foul inside on Jenkins 16:00 mins to go
– UNC Turnover – Subs: LD, Deon, Ginyard, Davis and John Henson
– Henson fouls Tchiengang who makes last FT – VU 5 UNC 9
– Drew beats full court pressure to Ginyard but blocked by Tchiengang
– Walker misses onehander, Henson rebound
– Drew to Ginyard who turns it over
– Tinsley to Taylor for 3 VU 8 UNC 9
– Drew backdoor quick pass to Ginyard VU 8 UNC 11
– Taylor gets behind UNC D for quick score VU 10 UNC 11
– Drew loses the ball and Taylor takes it in for the slam VU 12 UNC 11
– Drew to Deon to Davis who gets fouled
– Davis misses first, misses second – Zeller in for Deon at 13:55
– Drew makes a dumb foul away from the ball – Tinsley throws ball away
– Drew flys up court to Davis who tries to dunk but fouled from behind – Ginyard goes out and #24 comes on (i just looked it up, Justin Watts)
– Davis misses first, makes second VU 12 UNC 12
– Ezell blocked by Henson, Drew drives but ball goes out on Zeller
– Henson rebound off Ezell 3 attempt, Henson eventually fouled by Charles Hinkle
– Zeller doubled and kicks out but Watts blocked inside
– Darshawn McClellan nails a 3 VU 15 UNC 12
– Drew pass inside and Henson and Davis miss 3-4 tap ins without Vandy touching the ball, Henson fouled
– Subs: Ed Davis for 43Wear, Drew out and Dexter in…Henson airballs first FT, makes 2nd VU 15 UNC 13
– Charles Hinkle 3 pointer VU 18 UNC 13
– Dex to Watts but blocked by Ezell
– John Jenkins 3 pointer VU 21 UNC 13
– TWear spins out of double team and gets fouled. Timeout 10:26 to go – Wear makes first, makes second VU 21 UNC 15
– Dex steal on inbounds, fouled – Dex pass to Watts out of bounds
– Jenkins long shot good, not sure if 3 pointer, I think his foot was on the line VU 23, UNC 15
– Dex to Henson to Watts to Zeller for an easy dunk VU 23 UNC 17
– Dex with the steal and lay in for score VU 23 UNC 19
– Henson knocks ball away on D but turnover on offense: UNC subs Wear twins, Zeller, Dex, Watts
– Dex beats trap, Wear to Wear to Watts who is fouled and misses dunk – Watts misses first, makes 2nd VU 23, UNC 20
– Zeller steal to Dex who gets fouled on the layup, Dex makes first, makes second VU 23, UNC 22 Subs: Watts out Leslie McDonald in 8:17 to go
– Zeller rebound out to Dex with the nice layup VU 23, UNC 24
– UNC clears the lane and Jeff Taylor goes in for the dunk, Zeller backed off for some reason VU 25, UNC 24
– TWear gets doubled inside pass out to Dex nails 3 VU 25, UNC 27
– Tinsley with a nice lob to Ezell with Zeller defending for the lay up VU 27, UNC 27
– Zeller pass to top for Dex who drives for the nice finish VU 27, UNC 29 6:23 to go
– Ezell fouled by McDonald misses first, makes second VU 28, NC 29 UNC Subs: Drew and Deon back in game
– One of the Wears is fouled, DWear shooting 1and1, makes first, makes 2nd VU 28, UNC 31
– Walker drives in but DWear takes the charge, shooting 1and1, misses.
– Beal airballs a 3, Watts throws oob to Wear
– Drew with the steal, DWear to TWear for the slam…nice passing from the twins VU 28, UNC 33
– Ezell gets tripled teamed by Deon and the Wears who crash and cause a walk
– Drew up court quickly but misses reverse lay up…TWear fouls on the other end
– Tinsley drives and passes but Tchiengang called for tripping. 3:53 to go
– Wear to Drew who finds Ed Davis inside for easy lay in VU 28, UNC 35
– Vandy turnover leads to Dex to McDonald and TWear put back VU 28, UNC 37 Subs: Ginyard, Dex, Graves, Zeller and Davis in at 3:09 to go
– Walker to Beal inside for nice pass and finish VU 30, UNC 35
– Dex turnover leads to a Beal open 3-pointer VU 33, UNC 35
– Zeller pass to Graves turnover, but Goulbourne turns it over – Roy yelling loudly at Dex for leaving his man open for the 3
– Great defense by Vandy meant UNC shot clock violation and no shot.
– Beal misses 3, Zeller to Strickland misses layup on the drive and is fouled, Dex makes both VU 33, UNC 37 1:08 to go
– Ezell throws ball away for halfcourt violation on Vandy :57 seconds to go
– UNC lineup Ginyard, Davis, Dex, Zeller, Graves
– Dex to Graves and lay up rolls out, Beal drives fouled before the shot by Graves with 2.7 seconds to go, Beal makes first and misses second VU 34, UNC 37
– Zeller pass to Graves goes out and long last second shot by McClellan is way off.

In the second half the starters are Vandy: Brad Tinsley, Andre Walker, Jermaine Beal, Taylor Jeffrey, Festus Ezell. UNC: Henson, Drew, TWear, Ginyard, Deon.

– Vandy gets ball because UNC won opening tip off
– Henson with the rebound, Drew throws ball away trying to hit Ginyard
* UNC is definitely in some sort of zone….mabye a box-and-1 with Henson following the ball
– Walker hits a one handed runner VU 35, UNC 37
– Henson to Ginyard throws the ball away…sloppy start by UNC
– Henson fouls on the shot by Jeff Taylor misses first makes second VU 36, UNC 37
– Drew to TWear with the nice dump to Deon VU 36, UNC 39
– Deon wraps up for the alternating possession on Andre Walker
– Henson to Drew to Deon, goes off his hands out of bounds
– Walker misses and Drew comes down with rebound, passes to Wear cross line who passes back to Drew – back-Court (that was funny)
Beal to Jenkins for the 3 VU 39, UNC 39 16:35 to go
– Deon takes up strong, Henson put back miss gets fouled, makes both VU 39, UNC 41
– Andre Walker makes 3, Henson was slow to slide over VU 42, UNC 41
– Drew dribbles behind his back out of bounds
– official time out 15:41 Drew out, Dex in
– Jeff Taylor with a big dunk over Henson who had no chance VU 44, UNC 41
– Dex shot is off, Henson fouled on rebound, Henson pass eventually too long to Davis
– Tinsley’s shot is off but Ezell get rebound put back VU 46, UNC 41
– On floor: Dex, McDonald, Graves, DWear, Ed Davis
– Pass between Graves and Davis goes out of bounds 13:48 to go
– Jenkins to Tinsley, shot is good VU 48, UNC 41
– Dex goes to the hoop, gets fouled on shot – Roy must have not liked what Dex did at all because he’s red-faced and yelling at Dex. He actually pulls him off the court and puts Ginyard in his stead. Maybe he did something I didn’t see because Roy is yelling, loud!
– Tinsley pass to Goulbourne for an open 3 is good VU 51, UNC 41 – Roy is super pissed
– McDonald to Davis who is doubled and passes out of bounds….Things going about as bad as they can for UNC
– McClellan to Tchiengang who backs down Davis and gets the roll VU 53, UNC 41
– Davis returns the favor on the other end VU 53, UNC 43
– Davis gets rebound and misses on offense, player down, trying not to land on, Vandy rebound 11:30 to go
– UNC subs: Deon, Ginyard, Zeller, McDonald, Graves
– Ginyard lob to Deon VU 55, UNC 45
– Tinsley drives, Ginyard blocks Tinsley makes both FTs VU 57, UNC 45
– Deon with nice drop turnaround lay in VU 57, UNC 47
*UNC back in man to man D
– Ginyard goes down, Marc Campbell in, shot clock expires on Vandy
– Campbell finds Graves who makes a 3 VU 57, UNC 50
– Jermaine Beal with a nice spot up jumper, gets the roll VU 59, UNC 50
– Campbell pass intercepted, Zeller fouls on D 9:12 to go
– Jermaine Beal hits another 3, VU 62, UNC 50
UNC subs: Ginyard, McDonald, Zeller, Henson, Deon
– Ginyard, Zeller, Deon, ball knocked out after scrum, Vandy ball
– Jermaine Beal hits yet another 3, VU 65, UNC 50
– Deon to Ginyard for 3, VU 65, UNC 53
– Jermain Beal wastes no time hitting another 3, VU 68, UNC 53
– Ginyard drive, dumps to Zeller who promptly looses it out of bounds 7:22 to go
UNC subs: Ginyard, Deon, Zeller, Henson, Watts
– Pick and roll run to perfection Charles Hinkle scores VU 70, UNC 53
– Deon’s turnaround is short and bounces off
– Jermaine Beal nails yet another 3 from about the same spot VU 73, UNC 53
– Deon fouled on the dunk, makes FT, VU 73, UNC 56, 6:16 to go, Drew back in
– Charles Hinkle nails a long 3, VU 76, UNC 56
– Zeller fouled and misses 1st of 1and1
– Ball knocked away by Watts, Hinkle rebounds
– Deon block on Beal, Watts driving and fouled….sloppy play
– Watts misses first, hits the second VU 76, UNC 57
– Beal misses 3, Watts to Zeller off the glass VU 76, UNC 59
UNC: Zeller, Drew, Watts and Wears – DWear is at SF, TWear is PF
– Drew’s lob is too tall for Zeller OOB
– Jermain Beal his his 20th 3 of the 2nd half it seems VU 79, UNC 59
– Wears pass knocked away, Vandy turnover
– Drew to Zeller off the glass VU 79, UNC 61
– Tchiengang shot no good, Watts driving and fouled, makes first, makes second VU 79, UNC 63, 2:34 to go
UNC: Drew, McDonald, Zeller, DWear, Deon
– Deon rebound, DWear drives and blocked, fouled, misses first FT, makes second VU 79, UNC 64
– McDonald picks up Vandy turnover misses lay up, John Jenkins makes loong 3, VU 82, UNC 64
– Drew inside to Zeller nice pass, VU 82, UNC 66, 1:24 to go
UNC: McDonald, Zeller, Deon, Drew and DWear
– Deon takes it away, stripped and fouled, makes first, misses second VU 82, UNC 67
– Drew rebound fouled :54 seconds to go, makes first makes second VU 82, UNC 69
– UNC ball with 19 seconds to go, Drew to Zeller, lay in rolls off the rim as time expires.

‘Final’ Score: Vanderbilt 82, UNC 69 (roughly)


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