Somebody Sell Me On Clemson

I look around at Top 25 previews and ACC previews, and Clemson generally is in the 20-25 range and in the ACC, the top 5, if not 3rd.

Let me preface this by saying, I have never really bought into Clemson. They always beat up on their weak OOC schedule, they play a unique style that has found success in a currently watered down ACC. Clemson finished 7-9 last season losing to Michigan in the Tournament.

This year I am looking for a reason to buy into them, and even moreseo than other years, I see little.

They lost their shot makers in KC Rivers and Terrence Oglesby. Raymond Sykes, Booker’s front court partner, departs as well. They do bring in a strong freshmen class headlined by Milton Jennings and Noel Johnson, but neither can replace Rivers and Oglesby’s ability to be a secondary ball handler or shot maker from long range.

Trevor Booker is a stud down low, but his game itself is limited and while his numbers may reflect an elite post player, his game, benefited by Prunell’s system, is not on the level of other elite bigs.

The guard play is the major concern and between Stitt, Tanner Smith and Andre Young, I have little confidence that have the makings of a group that can lead a team to a Top 25 level.


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