Exhibition/Scrimmage Roundup

Kentucky – Bledsoe, Cousins and Dodson reportedly looked good. 3-14 from three, though. That outside shooting concern will not go away this year. Everyone says Dodson can shoot it, but if your best player was once ready to go to Pitt and now has followed Cal around, I’ll have to see it to believe it. Wall out due to suspension.

Arkansas – I caught the 2nd half of this one and Glen Bryant stood out. Undersized down low at 6-7, but extremely active and athletic.

Pitt– Dante Taylor filled the stat sheet. I believe totaled 27 points. Replacing Blair simply will not be done but if he can perform on a Chris Taft level, the Panthers can stay afloat in a transition year.

Notre Dame – ‘Gody had to go for 33 on 25 shots to pull away in the 2nd half. Brey has commented he is only going with a 7 man rotation, good luck with that. Hansbrough was the only other player to hit double figures.

Florida– Boynton impressed with 22, as the team shot well overall. Erving with 16.

MSU- Durrell Summers, who is as athletic as anyone and can really shoot the ball led the way with 17. If he can put together a complete game, he will be a force next to Lucas.

Seton Hall – The one thing to take away from this is they were reportedly beat on the glass, something that have struggled with. The additions they have should make that problem go away, but not yet.

Texas and Davidson – Varez Ward ran the point. Bob McKillop was impressed overall with the Longhorns according to Andy Katz.

Recruiting Round up

Waverly Austin – USF
Melashn Basabe – Siena
Michael Carter Williams – Syracuse
Tyreke Duren – LaSalle
Aaron Brown – Temple


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