What To Watch For

The season tips off in exactly one week.

ESPNU will showcase a triple header

7et – FIU @ UNC
9et- Albany @ Syracuse
11et- Murray State @ Cal

And the BTN will carry the Ohio State game (Alcorn St)

They are all cupcake games setting up for their MSG appearances the following week, but it is never too early to take a look at a few story lines..

Isiah Thomas – As a Knick fan, I can only hope he loses this by 100 after trying to get out of the game in the first place. Anything he does here can not be judged until later when his recruiting class shows up.

UNC’s Backcourt– We all know how talented the bigs are, but can Larry Drew handle being a starting PG? How far along are Strickland and McDonald? To advance in March and win the ACC the progress of the guards will be vital. Marcus Ginyard should be a stabilizing force.

Wes Johnson and The PG spot at ‘Cuse – People say Johnson’s athleticism and length stand out and that can be visible on a first look. The rest of his game we will find more about later. Scoop Jardine returns and incomer Brandon Triche will give him a push at PG.

Cal’s Front Line– The guards are as good as can be. To get the most out of their ability they need bigs to step it up. Kamp is solid but limited, who else emerges?

Evan Turner and the absence of Lauderdale- Turner playing the 1 will be a story line all year long in the Big 10, my guess is he adjusts fine. A bigger question is the early season absence of Dallas Lauderdale. Zisis Sarikopoulos and Kyle Madsen will have to provide quality minutes until his return.


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