All Chuck Team

JERRY: I have to dribble, if I give it to you, you just shoot. You’re a

GEORGE: Oh I’m a chucker.

JERRY: That’s right, everytime you get the ball you shoot.

GEORGE: I can’t believe you called me a chucker. No way I’m a chucker, I do
not chuck, never chucked, never have chucked, never will chuck, no chuck!

JERRY: You chuck.

GEROGE: Kramer am I a chucker?

KRAMER: You’re a chucker.

GEORGE: All these years I’ve been chuckin’ and you’ve never told me?

JERRY: Well it’s not an easy thing to bring up.

Tajuan Porter, Oregon – There were 9 games in which Mr. Porter hoisted 10 or more three point attempts. Oregon, who didn’t win many games as is, only won once when Porter completed that feat. I can buy Oregon as a sleeper in the Pac 10 going through Dunigan and Catron, but not under the lead of Porter and his quick trigger.

Mike Rosaro, Rutgers – He gets a slight pass a freshmen on a terrible team. Still someone who ammases a below average 95 offensive rating (kenpom) should not be in the top 30 nationally in getting shots off. He will become a good shooter, but numbers of 39% from the floor and 30% from three are not acceptable. Freshmen on a horrible team or not./

Scottie Reynolds – Okay, so he’s toned it down a notch recently. Of course that coincided with a Final 4 appearance. I laugh when people call Shooty a point guard, thankfully for Villanova those duties will now reside on the shoulders of the much more suited Corey Fisher moving Shooty off the ball. Reynolds has turned into the Tyler Hansbrough of college guards picking up cheap fouls due to flailing his body around aimlessly.

Lacedarius Dunn – Maybe the guy with the most ability on here. However 48 assists in 70 career games is not conducive to looks on the next level. No, he is not a post player.

Luke Harangody – Reality, Harangody ranked 453rd in offensive efficiency. He shot just 46% from the floor as a ‘dominant’ big man. He ranked 4th nationally in possession % and 11th in shot percentage. Uh, in other words, he better get numbers. As a lot of big men do, Bepop (Ninja Turtles reference) has fallen in love with the outside shot a tad bit much. What do early reports say about this year? That he’s even better out there and Mike Brey says fire away from deep. When did Luke Harangody have his most efficient season? Why, of course, his freshmen year when he was strictly around the basket.

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