#63..Steve Fisher. San Diego State

Of Fab Five fame, Steve Fisher has found a home with the Aztecs and has produced a consistent winner recently.

1999-00 San Diego State 5-23 0-14
2000-01 San Diego State 14-14 4-10
2001-02 San Diego State 21-12 7-7 NCAA 1st Round
2002-03 San Diego State 16-14 6-8 NIT 2nd Round
2003-04 San Diego State 14-16 5-9
2004-05 San Diego State 11-18 4-10
2005-06 San Diego State 24-9 13-3 NCAA 1st Round
2006-07 San Diego State 22-11 10-6 NIT 2nd Round
2007-08 San Diego State 20-13 9-7 NIT 1st Round
2008-09 San Diego State 26-10 11-5 NIT Final Four

At age 64, this will be his last stop and he is making it a good one. Getting talent has never been much of an issue for Fisher and at SDSU has coached some standouts such as Brandon Heath and Lorenzo Wade among others. Perhaps a younger coach Fisher could find his way higher up this list, but he is solid nonetheless. It will be a rebuilding job this season losing numerous starters, and Fisher will rely on defense to get the job done, which his Aztecs ranked 24th in nationally last season.


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