2012 Intro: Madison Jones


Madison Jones will only enter his sophomore year at Ravenscroft School in Raleigh, NC, but is already emerging on the scene as a top point guard prospect.

Espn had this to say about Madison;

Smooth! For a young kid, this 9th grader is loaded with savvy. He covers a lot of ground off the dribble with long strides and a superior handle. He is a talent that is able to compete with older players and not be intimidated. He delivered the ball on a rope in a couple of penetrate an pitch situations. His coach has done a great job of bringing him along slowly and letting him learn and develop his confidence against high level competition. He is physically weak (which is expected at his age) and will continue to get better as his body matures. He is a long way away from a finished product and this rating is based on his potential future development.

I had the chance to speak with Madison while he is currently in Orlando competing. “Right now I’m in Florida, I’m playing real good but just trying to improve. We won and lost one the first day.” With much time left to improve, Madison is not wasting any of it, “My jumpshot and defense. I work on those two things all the time. And my ball handling and conditioning, and getting stronger.” For a young player, it can often be best to avoid the weight room until they become a bit older, Madison, at 5’11 155 is just starting to familiarize himself with weights. “Right now, I’ve started lifting weights, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays with my strength coach at school.” Madison does believe his current strengths are; “Controlling the game and my court vision, and getting to the basket and finishing.” As far as a preference of offense, “I like to get out and run but playing in the half court is fine, too. That’s what separates great guards.”

Orlando will be Madison’s final tournament of the summer and then he will focus on the high school season, hoping to emerge as a young leader. “As a point guard you have to become a leader, be able to lead a team. One thing I have to work on is my communication.” As a freshmen Madison faced a tough challenge, gaining the respect of his veteran players, “They respect me now, but it’s something I’ve had to earn. It wasn’t easy, but I think I’ve done a good job of fitting in. It kinda is tougher being younger, but I just have to step up to that spot and lead the team now.” At Ravenscroft, Madison pointed out some goals for this season, “As a team to win the state title. I have to try and get better and become one of the top point guards and just work hard everyday.”

For the future, Madison currently has a school list of; “Georgetown, Wake Forest, Virginia Tech, Virginia and Old Dominion.” Madision pointed out that he has grown up a fan of the in state North Carolina Tar Heels. And while anywhere in the country is fine for him, he would prefer to stay on the East Coast and perhaps play in the ACC. Madison has taken one visit, to UVA, which enjoyed and felt the campus was very nice. He is unaware of when he will take more, but is planning on doing so. Academically, “I’m still looking at what I want to do, but, engineering I think about a lot.” Going further into the future, Madison’s ultimate goal is playing past college, something he will take into consideration when deciding on a school. While there is plenty of time for things to change, Madison pointed out, “I like Kentucky and how their coach has worked with his guards (notably Derrick Rose and Tyreke Evans).”

Madison Jones is a name to keep stored and should continue to gain interest from high major programs all along the East Coast.


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