Tyrone Johnson


Two sport star, Tyrone Johnson has excelled thus far in his time at Plainfield High in New Jersey. Entering his junior year, he has gained immeasurable experience his first two seasons. Playing quarterback and point guard coincide with each other having to display; leadership, vision, focus and toughness. Tyrone is not short on any. He is more Allen Iverson than Ronald Curry, if you will.

It can be difficult to stay competitive at the highest level in one sport, much less two. Having great focus throughout the year will lead to greatness and that is what Tyrone is showing. But does Tyrone feel he needs to or will solely focus on one sport? “Right now I’m not answering questions about that, It’s summer so right now I’m just motivated on basketball and to finish out the AAU season strong. I’ll deal with football later on.” Later on is coming up soon as Tyrone will start football shortly after his return from Orlando, Florida this week with his Team Jersey Elite. His last tournament of the summer.

Tyrone believes playing two sports is also making him a better athlete, not hampering one sport over another. “I handle it well, playing both. Not really effecting me on the court.” Playing football has one major requirement, toughness, and that has always translated to the court for Tyrone, “I believe it does translate. Playing football is all about toughness. It carries over the court and is something I always take pride in.”

That toughness can be seen this summer as Tyrone has battled through a nagging back injury. “It was tough and stressful. Cause I couldn’t do what I do on the court. But it’s better now and I have my explosiveness back. It actually happened ’cause I was working out too much. And now I’ve learned to get treatment and ice it down and get rest when I need it.”

The explosiveness is back, seen in his 43 point outburst in West Virginia last week. Tyrone can score the ball with the best of him but it’s not solely what he is as a player. “I want to be a true point guard. I think there’s a lot that I do well. I have a high IQ, getting teammates involved and can shoot the three ball well and get to the rim. I just need to get my mid range game down, it hasn’t been consistent but I’m working on it.”

Tyrone has played next to Pitt recruit Isaiah Epps, another stand out guard, at times having Tyrone off the ball. Tyrone feels he can play the 1 and 2, but definitely pointed out he wants to be, and feels that he is a point guard. Tyrone will also be able to adapt to any offensive system he finds. “I’d like a guard system, where they can run the team. I’m basically an uptempo guard, but I can slow things down and can run the team and put people where they’re supposed to be.”

Tyrone is still in the process of finding the right school. His list consists of; Georgetown, Villanova, Rutgers, Kentucky, West Virginia, Uconn, Seton Hall, Syracuse, Marquette, Virginia Tech, and Providence. Tyrone has visited; Georgetown, Villanova, Seton Hall, Rutgers and West Virginia. Pointing out that they were all great campus and enjoyed the DC area locale wise, and the West Virginia campus was wonderful.

Location does not matter, but there is a preference. “It really doesn’t matter, anywhere is cool. But I do like the Big East.”

There was a recent quote from his AAU Coach, Derrick Bobbitt that Georgetown appeared the favorite, “Yeah. Along with Villanova, those are the two recruiting me heavily. But I’m still wide open.”

His trip to Georgetown featured a special conversation with a legend of college basketball, John Thompson II. Yes, the father of current head coach, John Thompson III. “I got to talk with him. It was a privilege to speak with him, he’s dealt with so many players and put so many in the league that you know, he knows what he’s talking about.” The original Coach Thompson even gave him a comparison, “He said I’m something like Allen Iverson. Kinda guards that can do it all, score and pass.” Tyrone did point out he thinks he may be more of a true point guard.

Tyrone is unsure about what he’ll study in college. “I’m not sure yet, I’m still waiting to see what schools have (to offer) and what I want to major in.”

For this upcoming season, Tyrone has laid out a few goals, “A state championship, have a good record overall. Make All County and All Area and make a run at player of the year.

I wouldn’t put those achievements past the young man. He is a name that is sure to garner more attention this week in Orlando and into his high school season.


One thought on “Tyrone Johnson

  1. Been following Ty since he was playing on the junior pee wee’s in football. Lead his midget to team to the Pop Warner Superbowl. The kid is one of the best guards to come out of Plainfield. Jason Williams may have something to say about that.

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