James McAdoo Update

James McAdoo is one of the elite players in the class of 2011. I spoke with James to get a quick update on where he is at. Unfortunately he tore a ligament in his shoulder and will be sidelined for a while. When he is on the floor, he is an instictive, athletic power foward who has the whole country looking at him.

CDN: When can you get back on the floor?

JM: I’m done for the summer i tore a ligament in my left shoulder so I can’t play untill December.

CDN: When you can get back on the floor, what will you be working on?

JM: My strength, my quickness in playing defense and being more explosive on the offensive end. Trying to keep my skills on the perimeter sharp and be a better ball handler and shooter.

CDN: What is your current school list?

JM: Clemson, Duke, Virginia, UNC, Texas, Kentucky, Florida, Ucla, Syracuse, and Georgetown.

James pointed out he is focusing on winning his conference and a state championship, at Norfolk Christian School in Virginia. It also has been persumed James will be a Tar Heel due to family (Uncle Bob), but he has denied such and is open to any school on his list.

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