#67…Todd Bozeman. Morgan State


Regardless of his past, Todd Bozeman is proving he can coach basketball. The DC native took over as head coach of Cal at the young age of 29. Off the bat, he seemed to be a phenom in the coaching ranks. Upseting Bobby Hurley and Duke with Jason Kidd leading the way.

Bozeman then lead Cal to two more tournament appearances in three seasons, while showing a great ability to recruit.

Things then unraveled..

Bozeman was forced to resign in the fall of 1996. He admitted paying $30,000 over two years to the parents of Golden Bears recruit Jelani Gardner so they could drive from their home in Mendocino to see him play. When Gardner’s playing time dwindled, his parents turned Bozeman into the NCAA (Gardner eventually transferred to Pepperdine).[1] He’d also been the subject of a sexual harassment complaint; just before the announcement he’d been ordered to stay away from a former Cal student who’d accused him of making lewd phone calls and threatening her.[2]

As a result of a subsequent investigation, Cal had to forfeit the entire 1994-95 season and all but two games of the 1995-96 season. The school also vacated its appearance in the 1996 NCAA Tournament. The NCAA also imposed an eight-year “show-cause” order on Bozeman. The show-cause order meant that until 2005, no NCAA member school could hire Bozeman without permission. The NCAA came down particularly hard on Bozeman because he’d lied to school and NCAA officials about his role in making the payments, and only admitted it a week before the NCAA hearing.[3]

Bozeman was out of basketball for 10 years, until returning as head coach of Morgan State after stints as a scout and assitant coach in the NBA.

Bozeman has now shown progress and is rapidly improving the Morgan State program.

2006–2007 Morgan State 13-18 10-8 3rd
2007–2008 Morgan State 22-11 14-2 1st NIT 1st Round
2008–2009 Morgan State 23-12 13-3 1st NCAA 1st Round

While it may take several more years for a high major program to take a chance on Bozeman, he is now only 45 years of age and has a lot of basketball left in him.

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