Brandan Kearney. 2011.


Playing for ones country is an honor for an athlete on any level. Brandan Kearney a junior to be at Southeastern High School in Detroit just had that opportunity this summer. “It was a great honor, just to be chosen and to make the team. It was a great experience to help my game grow.” Kearney did not disappoint with the US team, as they brought home the gold medal.

On the trip he ran into one who is a few familiar with winning gold medals, Michael Phelps. Brandan happens to be also be the cousin of Cleveland Browns star, Braylon Edwards, a close friend of Phelps during and after their University of Michigan days. Kearney was greeted to a block party when he came home from Argentina.

Brandan has not had much down times this summer as this week he will travel to Las Vegas along with other top players in the country for the Main Event AAU tournament. As for his game Brandan stated he is working on, “Everything. My strength and quickness. It’s my first year in the weight room and I’m going two to three times a week just to get more explosive.” To succeed on the college level Brandan pointed out needing to improve his ball handling and strength, while pointing out his strengths, “My IQ, and the ability to pass the ball. And my jumper and versatility.”

Derrick Kearney pointed out that his son is a legit 6’5 and 2011 student in age. Brandan informed that it will be his family helping him make his college decision, which he does not have a timetable for yet. However, he is putting together a school list. “I’ve played well this summer and I knew I had to pick it up. I’ve gotten offers from; Michigan, Michigan State and Ohio State.” Dad pointed out that the rest of the school lists appears as, “Syracuse, Tennessee, Florida, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Notre dame, Miami, and Indiana.” Brandan has already visited Michigan, a visit that went well and plans on taking one to Florida and perhaps Kentucky for now.

“Tom Izzo really develops players, and in this state it’s hard to say no to that program. Michigan has it’s history with the Fab Five. John Belein has been doing a great job and has brought them back onto the national stage. And Ohio State is a superb Big 10 school. Being from Michigan you used to always hate Ohio State, but now that you talk with them and they show interest in your son, it kinda turns into a love.” Said the elder Kearney. Also including that, “Michigan and Michigan State will be in his final top three or four schools.”

Brandan noted that seeing the current success of guards at Michigan, Michigan State and Ohio State is helpful. In regards to Michigan, “Yeah, they always compare me to Manny Harris when I talk with them. I look at how everyone develops their players.” Academically, Brandan stated that he has interest in Sports Management in the classroom at the collegiate level.

For now, he would like to enjoy the remaining high school years and improve his game. “This year I want a city and state championship.” Individually, “Probably average something like 25 and 5.” Long term goals include, “I definitely want to play with team USA again. Make the McDonalds game and Jordan game.”

A top 50 player in 2011, which is a ranking sure to rise after this summer, Kearney has gained college coaches attention even more. Soon it will be the rest of the country following suit.

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