#68…Herb Sendek. NC State

Think that NC State faithful are still happy to have run him out of town? Sendek, despite his faults as a coach, runs a solid program that can be counted on to be a familiar face in the NCAA tournament.

Miami (OH) (Mid-American Conference) (1993–1996)
1993–1994 Miami (OH) 19-11 12-6 2nd NIT 1st Round
1994–1995 Miami (OH) 23-7 16-2 1st NCAA 2nd Round
1995–1996 Miami (OH) 21-8 12-6 3rd NIT 1st Round
Miami (OH): 63-26 40-14

NC State (Atlantic Coast Conference) (1996–2006)
1996–1997 NC State 17-15 4-12 8th NIT 2nd Round
1997-1998 NC State 17-15 5-11 8th NIT 2nd Round
1998–1999 NC State 19-14 6-10 5th NIT 2nd Round
1999–2000 NC State 20-14 6-10 6th NIT 4th Place
2000–2001 NC State 13-16 5-11 7th none
2001–2002 NC State 23-11 9-7 T-3rd NCAA 2nd Round
2002–2003 NC State 18-13 9-7 4th NCAA 1st Round
2003–2004 NC State 21-10 11-5 2nd NCAA 2nd Round
2004–2005 NC State 21-14 7-9 T-6th NCAA Sweet 16
2005–2006 NC State 22-10 10-6 4th NCAA 2nd Round
NC State: 191-132 72-88

Arizona State (Pacific Ten Conference) (2006–present)
2006–2007 Arizona State 8-22 2-16 10th none
2007–2008 Arizona State 21-12 9-9 5th NIT Quarterfinals
2008–2009 Arizona State 25-10 11-7 3rd NCAA 2nd Round

It will be interesting to see how Sendek can compete and build up the ASU program after James Harden. My guess is he may not land McDonald’s All Americans or find his way deep into the tournament, but I’d bet on him finding his way to be competitive.

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