#73..Kevin Broadus. Binghamton


This is a name I feel confident in saying that it could find it’s way into the top 50 over time, if given the opportunity.

Broadus has found his way to New York State but comes from great pedigree in the DMV area..

He went from Bowie State to the University of the District of Columbia to American to George Washington to Georgetown. He spoke of the coaches he has worked under, from Wil Jones at UDC to Jeff Jones at American. From Karl Hobbs at George Washington to John Thompson III at Georgetown. And then there’s “Big Coach,” former Georgetown coach John Thompson Jr., whom Broadus repeatedly mentioned when discussing his influences.

Broadus has drawn his share of criticism for taking risks on kids that have ‘red flags’. From Theo Davis, Tiki Mayben, to Marc Egerson and others. Broadus has in my opinion offered second chances, and most have or are making good on them. Personally, from following Mayben through the years, for him to find a home, Broadus must be getting through to his players.

Broadus went 14-16 his first year with a 9-7 conference record. Last season he improved that to 23-8 and 13-3 in the America East, concluding with an NCAA tournament birth.

Binghamton returns nearly all of it’s talent this season, including star, DJ Rivera. Another NCAA trip is in store and perhaps for Broadus, a move up to a major conference. Broadus best quality may be his ability to recruit, which he does incredibly well. With X’s and O’s he is proving to be pretty darn good, too.

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