Peach Jam Updates


Will Barton – As noted he went for an incredible state line and came up with clutch plays in game one. While his team did not fare well today, Barton will never give up on an outcome of a game. As he told me last week, a strength of his game is how hard he gets after it. I’ve seen a few CDR comparisons recently, due to the Memphis commit, however I think he’s a more fluid athlete and player and will add size to his frame. His ceiling is much higher than CDR’s ever was.

Terrence Jones- The standout forward from the Northwest is a versatile player that has excelled so far. In game one, he posted 19 and 8 and followed that up with 26 and 13 in game two. His playmaking and passing ability has been highlighted previously, but he certainly hits the glass as well. Jones has interest from most of the Pac 10 and Florida, Kansas, Maryland, Texas, UNC, Duke, Georgetown. He has taken visits to G’Town, Cal, Oregon State and UNC

Tobias Harris- Harris matched up with Jones on Day 1 and did not back down. He has a complete offensive game and can find a way to score from inside and out. He posted 28 and 10 against Jones. Has visited Notre Dame, Tennessee and Georgia Tech recently.

Jason Morris- An athletic presence on the wing, Morris has flown under the radar nationally. Big East Report states Stanford, Clemson and Georgia Tech have shown the most interest lately.

Mike Gbinjie – The 2011 standout, is with the impressive Team Takeover. Gbinjie is showing off a well balanced game and he recently admitted himself that he is back on track now after possibly developing a bit of a big head due to the recruiting process.

Brandon Knight- Clearly the top news of the week is Knight’s ankle injury. Knight as expected has said he’s hearing the most from Florida, Duke and Kentucky.

Austin Rivers- Following a dustup of reports that he may reconsider the Gators and head to Duke, Rivers is showing off a mature game. At 6’4 he has great size for a point guard.

Adreian Payne – An athletic freak. His upside may be higher than anyone in the class of 2010. Simply Playing with a constant motor will go a long way in Payne’s development. If everything comes together, he will be big time. Per NBE, he is considering offers from Dayton, Xavier, Arizona, West Virginia, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Ohio State, Michigan State and interest from Florida and Connecticut.

Johnny O’Bryant – The Mississippi native is garnering a lot of attention recently, and potentially could become a pro. Great size and athleticism. Reports are that Memphis will be in this hunt until the end.

Tony Wroten – The Northwest product still has a lot of interest in the Big East.

Mike Gilchrist – What else can be said at this point?

More updates to follow on these guys and more..


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