Rivals Most Overrated…err?


Rivals ran this story today, and it caught my eye, because I honestly don’t agree with any of the choices..

Damion James- No, he is not a star. Who has referred to him as such to begin with? His rebounding is a valuable asset to any team at 10 and 9 a game through his first two seasons. He will return this season as one of the nation’s better players on the glass. He has begun to fall in love with the three ball, but still shot 47% from the floor and had 15 a game.

Devan Downey – The real head scratcher. How many casual fans have heard of Devan Downey? An argument was he shot from 3 worse than teammates and he was taking away their shots, well..could it be as a point guard he helped get his teammates open looks? Just a guess. Yes he turned it over a bit much this season, but when you’re a point guard and in the top 30 in possession %, you’ll have that. 20 and 5 a game is good in my book at the end of the day.

Raymar Morgan – Possible, as he’s reminded me of Paul Harris’ career path. However the young man battled illness halfway through the season and with weight loss, never recovered. Raymar improved from his freshmen season to his sophomore campaign and my guess is if he didn’t fall ill, that would have continued…actually, it already had..


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