First Eight Tournament

Today I attended the First Eight Tournament at the MassMutual Center in Springfield, MA.

Head Coaches in attendance; Rick Pitno, Jim Boeheim, Keno Davis, John Thompson III, Jim Barron and Tommy Amaker among others. Also assistants from; Uconn, Georgia Tech, Florida State, Northeaster, Vermont and many others.

The man everyone was there to see early on was Fab Melo, of the Florida Rams. Fab is a legit 7 feet appears with a big body. He definitely will need a strength and conditioning program to turn his weight into more muscle. He struggled at times but it’s easy to see the infatuation with him. He is active and competes and has some skill offensively. Plus, he makes his Free throws. Defensively he really can have an impact on the game just due to his presence.

Nate Lubick, tweaked an ankle prior to the tournament so I only was able to see him during the first half of his first game. finished well around the rim, 2 hands and strong.
His jumpshot is not as bad as I expected going in, but obviously it needs to be tweaked a bit. He seems rather comfortable taking it, attempted one 3 today that was a bit off.
Runs the floor well and competes, defensively when he got switched out on the perimeter, it wasn’t really pretty. Almost lurching over trying to guard. Nate kinda has funny athletic mannerisms anyway with the way he runs. It’s just not all that fluid.

As far as his current situation, he denied to reporters that he was looking around. JTIII and assistant Kenya Hunter were in attendance.

Majok Majok of CBC, was impressive today. He is an athletic kid who definitely can run the floor and finish off things. He also displayed some decent moves around the hoop. Appears to be a very coachable kid as well.

Rod Odom of Exxpressions is a solid all around player who never left the floor in game one, playing all over the court. Easy to tell he has a high bball IQ, constantly chattering on defense and spacing himself well on the floor offensively. Rod appears to be a legit 6’8 but will need to fill his body out.

In passing, saw Andre Drummond, who ha reclassified to 2012. But, it already appears he has a college ready frame, if not NBA.

– My guess is Pitino will be tough to beat for Melo. Pitino also got a look at Josh Langford, a Louisville commit also with the Rams. Langford was solid for the whole day.


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