All Conference to All American

I tried my best to keep those mentioned on my earlier list off of this one, but at the 5 spot I had to double up. Guys at the 5 spot like JaJuan Johnson and Solomon Alabi should make considerable jumps, but if I could buy stock into one player this coming season, it’s..

Jarvis Varnado. SR. Miss State

Varnado is hands down the best shot blocker in the country, and he has started to develop an offensive game. I think we could see a stat line from Varnado this year that resembles; 15 points, 9 boards and 5 blocks a game. This past year Varnado averaged 7.5 blocks per 40 minutes. Two a game greater than anyone else in the country, yes even Hasheem Thabeet.

Varnado should also have a much improved team surronding him this year, even not taking into account Renardo Sidney and John Riek. I will have a little something on this team as a whole later on, including guard Dee Bost.

With a better team around him and a developing offensive game, Varnado can really become a familiar face this season

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