All Conference to All American

Let me first say, anyone who knows me, understands my dislike for John Belein’s system, offensively and defensively. It’s my belief that the following player actually has been a bit hindered by it with his individual talent. Nonetheless, Manny Harris is sure to garner All American recognition this upcoming season.

For our other guard slot on this roster..

Manny Harris. JR. Michigan

Two years ago, Harris came on the scene as an outstanding scorer, putting up 16 a game as a freshmen. As most, Harris struggled with shot selection and turning the ball over during that campaign. However, the signs of a special college player were obvious. In his sophomore year Harris elevated his play while not necessarily scoring the ball more. Harris last season, averaged 17 points a game but more importantly snatched 6 rebounds and dished out 5 assists per game and cut his turnovers to 3 a game. This summer Harris participated in the Paul Pierce Nike Skills Academy against his top peers, and reports are that he dominated. Which, in my opinion should carry over into this season. There are not many 6’5 combo guards with his skill set, think a mix of Tyreke Evans and James Harden. Michigan was able to advance to the 2nd round of the NCAA tournament last season and with a more improved, smarter Harris paired with DeShawn Sims, UM may make an even deeper run this year. Even with Belein’s gimmicks.

shoutout to NT. Dre and Cake for this one. lol.

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