From All Conference to All American

Earlier we gave a look at some guys who should emerge on the national scene, now some players who became well known last year and are looking to climb to the next tier as potential All American players.

I’ll give one player at each position on the floor for the next 5 days.

Point Guard
Jerome Randle, SR. California.

Randle put together an incredible season last year and was at times seemingly overshadowed by teammate Pat Christopher and for playing on the West Coast. Randle has improved his game in each of his first three years and last year under Mike Montgomery he really thrived. Randle shot 50% from the floor, 46% from three to go with 18 points and 5 assists a ball game. His shooting perfomance on the road against Arizona was one for the ages.
At the end of the year, Montgomery had this to say about Randle;

Well, Jerome is first and foremost a very good player. He’s a very skilled player. He’s got — he really, really wants to be good. I think like most young people, if you can prove to them that you maybe have some idea of what you’re talking about, that there’s something there for — that can help them, they’re going to listen to you, and he’s been great. We started off with a conversation really about Brevin Knight and experiences I had with a small guard from the East that had a little bit of attitude when he started and how I understood him and how we worked through it. He’s made great progress. Some of the things that maybe he didn’t do, that he was criticized for, it’s maybe because he didn’t know what to do, and that happens a lot to kids. They don’t have all the answers. So, when we’ve asked him to do something, he has responded, and he can really shoot the ball and he’s very quick. So he’s been a real pleasant surprise.

In my mind, Randle will enter this season as one of the top point guards in the country, along with the likes of Kalin Lucas, Sherron Collins and others. My guess is the rest of the country takes notice as well before long.

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