Ed Davis vs Greg Monroe

Let me first say, that I’ve been a big advocate of Ed Davis and thought he became the difference in North Carolina’s championship run proving to be their most important player.

Now with the 2009 draft behind us, Davis can be found on most big boards as the #2 prospect.

Another prospect, Georgetown’s Greg Monroe was fabulous as well his freshmen year but did tail off along with the Hoyas season at the end of the year.

Most draft boards have Monroe slated anywhere from 4 all the way down into the teens.

I have to ask, why?

‘Potential’ will be the key word with Ed Davis, but keep this in mind; Ed Davis is 364 days older than Monroe.

Davis showed off his athleticism, quickness off his feet and great rebounding and shot blocking. Offensively, I ask if anyone saw more than a jump hook going to his left?

Davis had a defined role and played it great, no doubt. I suppose those in love with him have yet to see weaknesses as he has not been in a position to do so. Again, ‘potential’.

Monroe ran the point forward that Jeff Green did in the past and picking up John Thompson III’s Princeton sets in a first season is incredibly tough. Monroe was counted on to do be the hub of the offense. We saw a much wider array of skills and duties to be done with Monroe than Davis.

I ask who’s having more success professionally, Brandon Wright or Jeff Green?

Davis stands in at 6’10 with great reach and his weight right now is unknown but during last year it’s hard to believe he was much over 210.

Monroe recently was at Amare Stoudamire’s Skill Academy and came in at 6’11 242.

By seeing Davis thought of more highly, leads me to believe it’s similar to a kid staying in school longer and having some weak spots revealed compared to another kid leaving after his freshmen year where the thought of improvement and untapped potential is still in everyone’s minds. We saw Greg Monroe dominate Hasheem Thabeet, then be dominated by DeJuan Blair, often now with prospects we focus on the negative and what we don’t know the better with Ed Davis’ case.

I am not trying to be Dick Vitale in this assessment, as after all they both have spent only one season in college. I am simply not seeing as to how or why Ed Davis is a better basketball player or an NBA prospect than Greg Monroe


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